2010 RebrandingEdit

Polly Pocket was rebranded by Gelcomm. Their official website states, "When the spunky, adventurers Polly Pocket™ brand was ready for a fresh new look, we literally jumped at the opportunity. Our role was to bring the new Polly to life with a refreshed logo and a core visual asset library of icons, prints and graphics for use across multiple touch points, from digital to licensing."[1]

2018 RebootEdit

An all new product line will be released in summer 2018. The 2018 Polly Pocket toy line was revealed at the New York Toy Fair:

  • Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places Assortment
  • Polly Pocket World Assortment
  • Polly Pocket Hidden in Plain Sight Assortment

The 2018 toy line will have a marketing campaign that encourages girls to be "courageous and tenacious in their own lives", like Polly.[2]

There will also be an animated series with twenty-six 22-minute episodes and a 44-minute TV special.[3]