"Picture Perfect" is a Polly Pocket webisode.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Polly, Lea and Lila want the perfect picture together. Lea wants it shot when the sunlight hits the waterfall and Lily wants the right shoes and clothes. Polly just wants the perfect adventure! See what happens in this fun cartoon adventure with Polly!"


Lea and Lila want to take photos, but they have a disagreement. Lea wants to have good lighting, but Lila is more focused on how they will look. Polly just wants to have fun. To get to a good spot, Polly makes them traipse through brambles, climb a mountain, and hang glide By the time they get to their ideal location, they are covered in mud. Lila is the only one bothered by the mud, but she likes the picture anyway.


  • Lea, voiced by Erin Fitzgerald
  • Lila, voiced by Kate Higgins
  • Polly, voiced by Sue Thorpe