• Try to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. It's okay if you can't, but it will be easier to understand if those things are correct.
  • For webisode titles, the following words don't need to have capital letters: the, a, as, of, by, and.
  • A short opening sentence is all that is necessary: "(episode name) is a Polly Pocket webisode."
  • No infobox will be needed, just a video of the webisode.


  • Official Description - this is taken from the Polly Pocket website.
  • Plot - A summary of the plot of the webisode.
  • Characters - list of characters that appear and who voices them (note: include voice actor credits even if they don't speak in the episode)
  • Trivia - Little details in the episode like it being the first appearance of a certain character.
  • Link - A link to watch the webisode on the official website. It will be safer for young fans to view it there than on YouTube.

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