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Lorelei is a one-time character in PollyWorld. She is the ex-girlfriend and ex-fiancee of Polly's father, John Pocket.


Lorelei seems like a nice person. However, it's later revealed that she's greedy and selfish. In PollyWorld, she worked with Beth to help sabatoge Polly and her friends. Even though she pretended to be nice around Polly, she didn't want to raise her and viewed Polly as competition for John's affections, so she manipulated John into thinking Polly is stressed out and needed to have structure and it would be best to send her to boarding school while Lorelei's real objection was to get rid of her so she can have John to herself.


She has long dark brown hair and green eyes like Beth, except her hair is one shade of brown and is dark.


She used to date Polly's father, John, then they got engaged and told Polly when she got to PollyWorld. She acted like she genuinely liked Polly when she really didn't. When the competition began, Beth went to her for help on sabatoging Polly, Lorelei more than gladly accepted as they both despised her and are jealous of her. During Polly and her friends' musical number, they went to the soundbooth where Beth threatened Lorelei that if she doesn't have her team win the contest, Beth will tell John Lorelei's scheme of getting rid of Polly by tricking John into sending her to Boarding school. What they didn't know was that everyone witnessed their confession. John went to confront Lorelei about hearing what she really thought of his daughter and staff and called off the engagement, leaving Lorelei devastated and she chased after John. It's unclear what happened to Lorelei afterwards, but it can be assumed John had Lorelei escorted out of Pollyworld after he called off their engagement.