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Lea is one of the main characters in the series. She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.


Lea is an animal lover, sporty and giggly. She is very compassionate towards others and is sensitive. She has a very girly sense of style and easily reflects it.


Lea has bright red hair and green eyes in doll form. She is tan and has freckles. She's noticibly taller than the rest of her friends in the Polly Pocket movie. In Pollyville, her eyes change to blue. After the first few Pollyville episodes, she was removed from the webisode series.

In the Splashin' Fashion Pool set, she has braided red hair with purple highlights, which turn blue, and wears a two-piece blue bathing suit with yellow trimming and a single strap.

In the Polly Pocket movie, her hair is tied into two.