"Gotcha!" is a Polly Pocket webisode.

Official DescriptionEdit

"The gang is watching a scary, spooky movie on dark rainy night when Polly decides to have a little fun. Will she "get" them or will the trick be on her? Find out who screams "Gotcha!" in this super cool video with Polly Pocket and friends."


While watching a scary movie, Polly scares them by jumping up behind them. They all deny that she frightened them. She scares them again so they leave. Polly feels scared being home alone because of lightning outside, but her friends come back and scare her.


  • Rick, voiced by Cindy Robinson
  • Kerstie, voiced by Debi Derryberry
  • Lea, voiced by Erin Fitzgerald
  • Crissy, voiced by Wendee Lee
  • Lila, voiced by Kate Higgins
  • Shani, voiced by Erin Fitzgerald
  • Polly, voiced by Sue Thorpe