"Double Diva" is a Polly Pocket webisode.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Crissy and Lila are too cool for you and me when they think they've won a chance to meet the awesome Lady Synchrony. They are ready for adventure and have everything set for the best time ever with their favorite star, including her favorite snacks. There's just one problem: they didn't win the contest. Someone needs to tell these Double Divas the truth, but who will it be? Just watch this fun video to see who shows up to set them straight."


Crissy and Lila are in a contest and the prize is to meet Lady Synchrony. Rick tells Polly that they haven't won, and he leaves Polly to tell them. Instead of telling them the truth, Polly disguises herself as Lady Synchrony. Crissy and Lila figure out it's not really her because Polly doesn't like anchovies, but Lady Synchrony does. Polly comes clean. Rick also disguises himself as Lady Synchrony, but the girls decide to go along with it for fun.


  • Rick, voiced by Cindy Robinson
  • Crissy, voiced by Wendee Lee
  • Lila, voiced by Kate Higgins
  • Polly, voiced by Sue Thorpe