Dog show

The Dazzlin' Pet Show Divine Dogs is a set made in 2003.


The set has a stage with three extendable areas and a unicycle above the stage. The staicase on the right can be pulled out and can hold the accessaries. The front part of the stage can be pulled out and transform into a stand for the dogs. The left side can turn into a storage area for the dogs' accessories.The backdrop is a cutout with curtains. For the dog show itself, it includes a springboard for the dogs to jump off of and land on the pad. Touching the pad or the button on the stage can activate three sounds: audience applauding, a dog barking and achievement music. Polly can be placed on the stage holding a hoop for the dogs to jump through.


Polly's two outfits are a blue strapless dress with purple lining with purple high heels and a green shirt with a Dalmatian-pattern neckline, green pants, and green shoes. For the unicycle, she had a rod with a built-in magnet to guide the dogs in either direction.

The three dogs also have their own accessories like Polly. They have two outfits that match Polly's, three different colored collars and matching leashes, a bone with a magnet built in, a brush and silver and gold medals. 

Toy RecallEdit

Im 2003, Matell recalled multiple toys for defects. The Dazzlin' Pet Show set was one of them because of the magnets in the dogs and on the set. Since this was built in China, the magnets and lead paint used for this set and others were a risk for kids.