Crissy is one if the main characters in the series and is Lila's best friend. She is voiced by Wendee Lee.


Crissy is stylish and created and dislikes when her looks are messed up. She is also a fashion designer and a rock star. Her fashion style is fun and cool with. Arty. She is scared of heights in '' Crazy Race ''.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Crissy has black hair with magenta high lights, and brown eyes. Her skin tone is olive.


  • Her character is pretty much different than the Polly Pocket Movie (originally). In this case, she is cool. But in the movie, she is more of a timid person.
  • Her look is different than in the movie. In the movie, she has more of a curly hairstyle and her hair colour is brown. In this case, she has more of a straight hairstyle

Gallery Edit

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