Cookie Caper is the 3rd episode of Pollyville.


Polly bakes cookies to her friends. Then Lea comes over in panic saying that Pollyville Park needs more money to buy the swing set to the kids because the deadline was tonight! Polly helps her friends make cookies by instucting Shani measure the cookies, Crissy decorate the cookies and Lila taste the cookies as Lea helps her bake. They all deliever them to the park for a bake sale and instally sold out since they were so good. Polly then runs out of ingredients for the cookies, so they use Shani's robot and put anything in there to transform them into cookies, so they made lots and lots of them! Polly and Lila then taste a cookie and realized that the cookies tasted awful. Polly's puppy tries one and instally likes it. They decided to sell them to puppies and made tons of money. They had enough money to buy the swingset for the kids.