Some attributes
First evil
Second thief
Third defeating and destroying polly pocket and her watch
Other attributes
Fourth taking polly's watch
Fifth defeating polly
Sixth stopping polly

Bet is a mean, less-popular girl in Polly World. But is Mean for the Stackable Studios - the First Movie - Pollyworld & 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza! - 2004 in 2007


Beth is a conceited and shallow cheerleader. She is also very arrogant. She is very jealous of Polly and is willing to sabatoge her and her friends in any way possible. Despite having two best friends, they're both as cruel and mean-spirited as her. She is their rival. the First Movie - 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza - Pollyworld & Stackable Studios!


Beth has long two-toned brown hair and green eyes. She typically wears anything green and short skirts.

Unlike the other characters in the series, Beth and her friends are the only ones not included in the doll franchise as they were only for the TV shows and movies. Polly, Lila, Lea, Crissy, & Shani for the Pollyworld in Team Pocket! Polly, Rick, Lea, Lila, Shani, & Crissy Join for the Pocket Pets! Here Comes the Team Beth!

Quotes - Edit

Why can't "Roll Like That" film at Bethworld?

I always knew I look good supersized.

No shocker here.

I'll get her one of these days. You can bet on it.

I'll get you next time Polly Pocket, just you wait

This is the last time you get everything you want Polly Pocket. Next time and there will be a next time, your going down hard. One and two and three and four and five, I'm the one who will survive. When all the rest admit defeat, What? What? What Happened? Have are Polly's Stackable! What World for Polly, Lea, Rick, Lila, Crissy, & Shani! for the World!